Our Vision: Professional Work Places - Real Jobs - Valued People
SA Group Enterprises is a not-for-profit organisation established to provide valued employment and training opportunities for people with disability. To achieve this we have developed a diverse group of socially and environmentally responsible businesses and services.  Operating in such areas as Manufacturing, Graphic Design, Website Development, ITC, Employment, Magazine Publication and Electronics Recycling.

We believe we lead the way in inclusive employment and environmental sustainability and are committed to providing local job opportunities whilst continuing to improve the environment and quality of life within South Australia.  Read More...

South Australia's largest provider of career choice for people with disability.

With a new alliance with Minda's commercial enterprises we not only have many new job vacancies, but have also become South Australia's largest provider of career choice for people with disability.

Employment opportunities exist in such areas as: Graphic Design, Timber Manufacture, Hospitality, Catering, Cleaning, Packaging Solutions, Electronics Recycling, Commercial Laundry, Steel Manufacturing, Grounds Maintenance, Plant Nursery, Computer Refurbishing and IT Sales.

 If you have a disability or know someone with a disability please register your interest on Minda's commercial enterprises employment page or call us directly on 08 84226200 for more information.

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