Employment Services

SA Group Enterprises provides employment through two main strategies supported and open employment.

Support Employment
The aim of Supported Employment is to offer people with disability tailored on-the-job support and training specifically for individuals where open employment may not currently be the best option.

Supported Employment is offered within one of our social enterprises which are operated and marketed as businesses in their own right.  A Social Enterprise is no different to any other business and must generate profit through trading. They only differ in that they are established to provide employment and that profits are retained to further develop the business and sustain employment.

Supported Employment services is offered within one of our social enterprises are categorised by the Department of Social Services (DSS) who provide some funding as a Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE).

Open Employment
The aim of SA Group Enterprises open employment service is to provide specialist employment services for the Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing impaired.

Our open employment program targets employment opportunities that best match an individual’s career aspirations in order to find employment. The service supports an individual through the processes of preparing, finding and securing employment, once in employment supporting for both the employee and employer with the goal of successful long-term employment.