Organisation Purpose, Mission and Vision

Vision Statement
"Professional work places, real jobs, valued people"

Mission Statement
“To provide valued employment and training opportunities for people with disability.”

Valued employment is defined as work which:

•    Is valued by the community, not a recipient of charity
          i.e. a workplace many people would consider as a workplace of status or job of choice

•    Provides award based wages and conditions of employment

•    Develops skills and abilities

•    Promotes independence

•    Provides opportunities for integration and social inclusion 

•    Provides choice and opportunities with access to more challenging and varied work,

•    Provides training designed to suit the individual’s needs and abilities, and

•    Reflects or cultivates an individual’s personal career aspirations, interests or passion

Operating Principles
The operating principles of the organisation are based on the principles and practices of Social Role Valorisation (SRV). In a work environment these principles translate into choice, opportunity, valued training and employment with award based wages and conditions.

Individuals are valued for their participation, skills and abilities. It is not charity. Training, support and workplace modifications are designed to enhance competencies and independence, increasing wages through improved productivity and multi-skilling. Integration and social inclusion are also key components of any service provided by SA Group Enterprises.